Denise A. Flasz

Denise Flasz born in Caracas, Venezuela, currently resides in Miami, FL, developing her career as young exquisite artist, in visual arts, illustration and interactive design. Flasz graduated as an Illustrator in the Design Institute of Caracas, Venezuela, with Master Degree in multimedia at the Digital Design Center. In 2010, received a Master Degree at Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY, in Fine Arts with specialty in Design and Technology, also a Dean and Merit Scholarship.
Merging art and science, she creates unique concepts for her works. Today her intense artistic development is oriented towards geometric and kinetic art, searching symmetry by repeating elements and separating them creating vibration and deconstruction on multi-textured abstract artworks.
Denise Flasz says: "As a professional I am always at the intersection between the artistic and scientific fields. My intentions are to interpret ambiguous concepts in each artwork. I like to turn something intangible like "harmony" into something palpable for our senses, as well as to interpret something tangible like a natural object and deconstruct it into something abstract. I work hand in hand with light,
colors and shadows. Different materials and textures fascinate me, each one is an infinite world of construction and ideas. As an artist I evolve with each project, but my most recent works are geometric and kinetic. Through the repetition of modules, I look for symmetry and then I allow myself to break it intentionally in specific places.
Most of my professional character is formed by my design and art studies, but my creative character has been forming since I can remember. This training guides me to design works with some kind of interactivity with the viewer, this being kinetic or technologically interactive".
She exhibited in West Palm Beach, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and Caracas. Among her series are the Exclusive collection of large artworks with acrylic frames in selected colors that become part of the artwork itself. This collection includes Medusa, a mix media diptych inspired by colors from under the sea. Denise says: "It is a 'look at me from every angle' kind of piece, but don't touch me because I might sting". Another work from this collection is Tiburón, Shark, inspired by the beasts that populate the oceans, using folded papers as abstract waves and shark gills. Denise says: "I can't help thinking of sharks, maybe it's fear, maybe it's fascination, who knows?". The third artwork from the collection: Armonía, Harmony, mixed media over wood, inspired by Earth, it brings peaceful balance among the four elements, Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Her second collection Iridescent merges colors and light in Lucid dreams, mix media, where colors are positioned on an iridescent vinyl reflecting everything from the space the artwork is displayed. Denise says: "... in the same way your dreams reflect your desires and fears". Her third abstract collection Mini Paper is a series of Geometrical minimalist mix media on wood where color is a predominant feature and the collector is expected to interact deciding how to build their composition.
Most recent Exhibition:
December 1-5, 2021, Red Dot Art Fair, during Art Basel Miami, presented by K-Art Projects USA

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