Medusa Awarded first place

Medusa Awarded first place

I was contacted by one of Artrepreneur curators, because they felt my artwork would resonate with this open call curated by JASON HOELSCHER 

Decided to apply with two artworks, and Medusa won First place :) 

Link to winning page

Here is the description of the Open call.

Source: Open call

What are the systems you, your work, and your vision resonate with, and how does this resonance emerge into aesthetic experience?

We are immersed in systems of all sorts—communication systems, financial systems, transportation systems, and even belief systems. Art is a system too, or more accurately a system of systems: What is a school or style of art but a system of shared ideas and approaches? What is an individual artist’s body of work but a system of related emphases and explorations? When we use the term “the art world,” what we are actually describing is the system of systems within which artworks, art ideas, art commerce, art galleries, magazines, books, blogs, and artists all resonate and relate, co-creating and co-evolving something larger and more complex than the individual inputs that unfolds and adapts over time.

In 1968 the art critic and curator Jack Burnham claimed art had shifted focus from objects to the relations between objects, and between objects and their environment. With this claim in mind, what systems of relations do your artworks activate or engage, whether artwork to artwork, idea to idea, or artwork/idea to larger context? Art long-since figured out how to represent and capture appearances, but how does art represent or capture systems (such as music, ecology, capitalism, decay, pattern, etc.).