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Tiburón (Shark) Living in Miami and going to the ocean at least once a week, I feel privileged. Every time I watch the ocean, I can't help to think of sharks, maybe its fear, maybe its fascination, who knows!

This edgy piece was inspired in the beast of the oceans, paper is folded into abstract gills and waves.


  • 56x25 

    Mixed media over PVC 

    Framed in Neon acrylic box


    • Mix Media on wood
    • Can be used hanging or standing, both horizontally and vertically, to fit in the space available. Cardstock is acid-free and will not discolor.
    • Can be framed in acrylic box
    • Can be mounted with suitable screws.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.
    • Contemporary deep box frame
    • Heavy,(180 gsm) paper, with a high rag content (66%) to ensure long life without deterioration. Colored in the pulp to be highly light-resistant and acid-free. Do not place in direct sunlight.


    • Artwork is original
    • 100% handmade
    • Design is made digitally and then transfered to paper. The artwork sits on top of wood frame. 
    • The art work is framed at Dasz Studio.
    • No hanging wire needed.


    • Do not place at direct sunlight, outdoor or near humid places. 
    • Do not clean with any product, if needed use a microfiber cloth to wipe the acrylic surface.


    • FREE shipping throughout the United States.
    • Ships worldwide
    • All pieces are hand made and require 3 weeks to make before shipping.
    • Artworks sales are final, and no returns are accepted unless proof of damage through shipping.